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Dr. John Velyvis is the premier robotic knee surgeon in the Bay Area, with clinic locations in in San Francisco, Corte Madera in Marin County, and Walnut Creek in the East Bay. He has performed over 600 robotic knee surgeries since 2008 since this latest technological advance was released. The robotic-assisted partial knee replacement and the total hip replacement are the most accurate, patient-specific custom techniques available.

Patients’ outcomes have never been better with this precision technique. With the aid of the passive robotic arm assisting the surgeon as he performs the delicate sculpting of the joint, each replacement is customized to the exact specifications of each patient. A more accurate joint replacement leads to a longer lasting result. Dr. Velyvis strongly believes in preservation of the joint, minimally invasive precision surgery, and restoration of only the damaged portions of the joint.

Over 50% of patients with osteoarthritis preparing for full knee replacement are not aware they are candidates for this less invasive option offering better results.

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