Dr. John Velyvis, MD is a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon dedicated to providing complete care for painful conditions of the knee and hip, and other orthopedic conditions. From patient education, to conservative alternatives, to joint replacement, our focus on the whole patient is why we are considered a center of excellence.

With specialized training, Dr. Velyvis utilizes cutting-edge technology, including robotic assisted surgery, minimally-invasive techniques and computer-assisted surgical navigation to perform his hip and knee replacement procedures.

Dr. Velyvis is the premier Robotic Knee Surgeon in the Bay Area, having performed over 1000 Robotic Assisted Knee Surgery procedures. Dr. Velyvis performs all of his procedures himself from start to finish! He has expertise with the 2 foremost systems for assisted robotics – Blue Belt Technologies and Mako Surgical. Both techniques are a revolutionary leap forward in treatment of knee pain.

Dr. John Velyvis - Precision Robotic Orthopedic(PRO) Surgical Institute